// Copyright(c) 2015-present, Gabi Melman & spdlog contributors.
// Distributed under the MIT License (

#pragma once

#include <spdlog/details/console_globals.h>
#include <spdlog/details/null_mutex.h>
#include <spdlog/sinks/sink.h>
#include <memory>
#include <mutex>
#include <string>
#include <array>

namespace spdlog {
namespace sinks {

 * This sink prefixes the output with an ANSI escape sequence color code
 * depending on the severity
 * of the message.
 * If no color terminal detected, omit the escape codes.

template<typename ConsoleMutex>
class ansicolor_sink : public sink
    using mutex_t = typename ConsoleMutex::mutex_t;
    ansicolor_sink(FILE *target_file, color_mode mode);
    ~ansicolor_sink() override = default;

    ansicolor_sink(const ansicolor_sink &other) = delete;
    ansicolor_sink(ansicolor_sink &&other) = delete;

    ansicolor_sink &operator=(const ansicolor_sink &other) = delete;
    ansicolor_sink &operator=(ansicolor_sink &&other) = delete;

    void set_color(level::level_enum color_level, string_view_t color);
    void set_color_mode(color_mode mode);
    bool should_color();

    void log(const details::log_msg &msg) override;
    void flush() override;
    void set_pattern(const std::string &pattern) final;
    void set_formatter(std::unique_ptr<spdlog::formatter> sink_formatter) override;

    // Formatting codes
    const string_view_t reset = "\033[m";
    const string_view_t bold = "\033[1m";
    const string_view_t dark = "\033[2m";
    const string_view_t underline = "\033[4m";
    const string_view_t blink = "\033[5m";
    const string_view_t reverse = "\033[7m";
    const string_view_t concealed = "\033[8m";
    const string_view_t clear_line = "\033[K";

    // Foreground colors
    const string_view_t black = "\033[30m";
    const string_view_t red = "\033[31m";
    const string_view_t green = "\033[32m";
    const string_view_t yellow = "\033[33m";
    const string_view_t blue = "\033[34m";
    const string_view_t magenta = "\033[35m";
    const string_view_t cyan = "\033[36m";
    const string_view_t white = "\033[37m";

    /// Background colors
    const string_view_t on_black = "\033[40m";
    const string_view_t on_red = "\033[41m";
    const string_view_t on_green = "\033[42m";
    const string_view_t on_yellow = "\033[43m";
    const string_view_t on_blue = "\033[44m";
    const string_view_t on_magenta = "\033[45m";
    const string_view_t on_cyan = "\033[46m";
    const string_view_t on_white = "\033[47m";

    /// Bold colors
    const string_view_t yellow_bold = "\033[33m\033[1m";
    const string_view_t red_bold = "\033[31m\033[1m";
    const string_view_t bold_on_red = "\033[1m\033[41m";

    FILE *target_file_;
    mutex_t &mutex_;
    bool should_do_colors_;
    std::unique_ptr<spdlog::formatter> formatter_;
    std::array<std::string, level::n_levels> colors_;
    void print_ccode_(const string_view_t &color_code);
    void print_range_(const memory_buf_t &formatted, size_t start, size_t end);
    static std::string to_string_(const string_view_t &sv);

template<typename ConsoleMutex>
class ansicolor_stdout_sink : public ansicolor_sink<ConsoleMutex>
    explicit ansicolor_stdout_sink(color_mode mode = color_mode::automatic);

template<typename ConsoleMutex>
class ansicolor_stderr_sink : public ansicolor_sink<ConsoleMutex>
    explicit ansicolor_stderr_sink(color_mode mode = color_mode::automatic);

using ansicolor_stdout_sink_mt = ansicolor_stdout_sink<details::console_mutex>;
using ansicolor_stdout_sink_st = ansicolor_stdout_sink<details::console_nullmutex>;

using ansicolor_stderr_sink_mt = ansicolor_stderr_sink<details::console_mutex>;
using ansicolor_stderr_sink_st = ansicolor_stderr_sink<details::console_nullmutex>;

} // namespace sinks
} // namespace spdlog

#include "ansicolor_sink-inl.h"

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