// Copyright(c) 2015-present, Gabi Melman & spdlog contributors.
// Distributed under the MIT License (

#pragma once

#include <spdlog/common.h>
#include <spdlog/details/log_msg.h>
#include <spdlog/details/os.h>
#include <spdlog/formatter.h>

#include <chrono>
#include <ctime>
#include <memory>

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <unordered_map>

namespace spdlog {
namespace details {

// padding information.
struct padding_info
    enum class pad_side

    padding_info() = default;
    padding_info(size_t width, padding_info::pad_side side, bool truncate)
        : width_(width)
        , side_(side)
        , truncate_(truncate)
        , enabled_(true)

    bool enabled() const
        return enabled_;
    size_t width_ = 0;
    pad_side side_ = pad_side::left;
    bool truncate_ = false;
    bool enabled_ = false;

class SPDLOG_API flag_formatter
    explicit flag_formatter(padding_info padinfo)
        : padinfo_(padinfo)
    flag_formatter() = default;
    virtual ~flag_formatter() = default;
    virtual void format(const details::log_msg &msg, const std::tm &tm_time, memory_buf_t &dest) = 0;

    padding_info padinfo_;

} // namespace details

class SPDLOG_API custom_flag_formatter : public details::flag_formatter
    virtual std::unique_ptr<custom_flag_formatter> clone() const = 0;

    void set_padding_info(details::padding_info padding)
        flag_formatter::padinfo_ = padding;

class SPDLOG_API pattern_formatter final : public formatter
    using custom_flags = std::unordered_map<char, std::unique_ptr<custom_flag_formatter>>;

    explicit pattern_formatter(std::string pattern, pattern_time_type time_type = pattern_time_type::local,
        std::string eol = spdlog::details::os::default_eol, custom_flags custom_user_flags = custom_flags());

    // use default pattern is not given
    explicit pattern_formatter(pattern_time_type time_type = pattern_time_type::local, std::string eol = spdlog::details::os::default_eol);

    pattern_formatter(const pattern_formatter &other) = delete;
    pattern_formatter &operator=(const pattern_formatter &other) = delete;

    std::unique_ptr<formatter> clone() const override;
    void format(const details::log_msg &msg, memory_buf_t &dest) override;

    template<typename T, typename... Args>
    pattern_formatter &add_flag(char flag, Args&&...args)
        custom_handlers_[flag] = details::make_unique<T>(std::forward<Args>(args)...);
        return *this;
    void set_pattern(std::string pattern);

    std::string pattern_;
    std::string eol_;
    pattern_time_type pattern_time_type_;
    std::tm cached_tm_;
    std::chrono::seconds last_log_secs_;
    std::vector<std::unique_ptr<details::flag_formatter>> formatters_;
    custom_flags custom_handlers_;

    std::tm get_time_(const details::log_msg &msg);
    template<typename Padder>
    void handle_flag_(char flag, details::padding_info padding);

    // Extract given pad spec (e.g. %8X)
    // Advance the given it pass the end of the padding spec found (if any)
    // Return padding.
    static details::padding_info handle_padspec_(std::string::const_iterator &it, std::string::const_iterator end);

    void compile_pattern_(const std::string &pattern);
} // namespace spdlog

#include "pattern_formatter-inl.h"

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