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ansicolor_sinkThis sink prefixes the output with an ANSI escape sequence color code depending on the severity of the message

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dateonly_daily_file_name_calculatorGenerator of daily log file names in format basename.YYYY-MM-DD.ext
default_daily_file_name_calculatorDefault generator of daily log file names.
default_step_file_name_calculatorDefault generator of step log file names.

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SPDLOG_FINALRotating file sink based on size and a specified time step
wincolor_sinkWindows color console sink
wincolor_stderr_sinkwindows color console to stderr
wincolor_stdout_sinkwindows color console to stdout


Typedefs (step_file_sink.h)

using step_file_sink_mt = step_file_sink< std::mutex >

using step_file_sink_st = step_file_sink< details::null_mutex >

Typedefs (ansicolor_sink.h)

using ansicolor_stdout_sink_mt = ansicolor_stdout_sink< std::mutex >

using ansicolor_stdout_sink_st = ansicolor_stdout_sink< details::null_mutex >

using ansicolor_stderr_sink_mt = ansicolor_stderr_sink< std::mutex >

using ansicolor_stderr_sink_st = ansicolor_stderr_sink< details::null_mutex >

Typedefs (dist_sink.h)

using dist_sink_mt = dist_sink< std::mutex >

using dist_sink_st = dist_sink< details::null_mutex >

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Typedefs (file_sinks.h)

using simple_file_sink_mt = simple_file_sink< std::mutex >

using simple_file_sink_st = simple_file_sink< details::null_mutex >

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using rotating_file_sink_mt = rotating_file_sink< std::mutex >

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using rotating_file_sink_st = rotating_file_sink< details::null_mutex >

using daily_file_sink_mt = daily_file_sink< std::mutex >

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using daily_file_sink_st = daily_file_sink< details::null_mutex >

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Typedefs (null_sink.h)

using null_sink_mt = null_sink< details::null_mutex >

using null_sink_st = null_sink< details::null_mutex >

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Typedefs (ostream_sink.h)

using ostream_sink_mt = ostream_sink< std::mutex >

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using ostream_sink_st = ostream_sink< details::null_mutex >

Typedefs (stdout_sinks.h)

using stdout_sink_mt = stdout_sink< std::mutex >

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using stdout_sink_st = stdout_sink< details::null_mutex >

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using stderr_sink_mt = stderr_sink< std::mutex >

using stderr_sink_st = stderr_sink< details::null_mutex >

Typedefs (wincolor_sink.h)

using wincolor_stdout_sink_mt = wincolor_stdout_sink< std::mutex >

using wincolor_stdout_sink_st = wincolor_stdout_sink< details::null_mutex >

using wincolor_stderr_sink_mt = wincolor_stderr_sink< std::mutex >

using wincolor_stderr_sink_st = wincolor_stderr_sink< details::null_mutex >


Line 58 in include/spdlog/common.h.

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